Madras Red Fort Doctors Foundation was set up by the graduates of Madras Medical College to support the College, its graduates, postgraduates and its students. The foundation also aims to undertake Health Related Charitable Outreach Activities. It is a non-profit organisation run by members of the foundation. The organisation is funded by membership fee and by public donations.
Our Foundation runs monthly online meetings for members and students of Madras Medical College. Date & Time of next meeting: 25th September 2022 at 08.00 PM IST Topic: My Five Years as a Student at Madras Medical College Speaker: Dr. Rhea Rajkumar
Topics on Everyday Health
Some of the Madras Red Fort Talks are available to view on our Youtube Channel
It is more than 50 years since many of our members graduated from Madras Medical College. The system of education has changed and science has progressed to an unimaginable level since then. Students today may wonder how we investigated and treated patients with only the basic tools that were available at that time. In the 60s we had 50 students in our class. Today I am told there are 250! It is difficult for the senior members to imagine how a lecturer can address and interact with so many students at any one time. Many of us are eager to find out what it is to be a student at MMC today. Rhea Rajkumar from Madras Medical College is an intern at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital in Chennai today. She studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya School in Tambaram and served as the School Pupil Leader and Student Council President during 2015-16. At school she won several prizes in debate and speech contests. She joined Madras Medical College in 2017 and passed her final exam earlier this year. As a student at MMC she participated in a variety of activities within and outside the college. From 2017 to 2022 she served as the class representative. She was an “Event Organiser” and organised several events including quiz competitions and talent hunts. With the other students she even organised an exhibition of “Medical Knowledge” for the general public in 2019. She is the National Exchange Officer for Medical Students Association of India and member of a team of officials representing the Executive Board. She has also been a member of the Bioethics unit of the association. Rhea is a member of Switch India, an NGO whose goal is to take modern medicine deep into the interior of the country making healthcare more accessible to all sections of society. She is also a certified Trainer by IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association). Apart from being a member of several associations, Rhea has also attended several conferences and workshops in India and abroad. She was a guest speaker at a conference on the “Effects of Gadget Use on Health” organised by the Centre for the Indonesian Medical Students Association. Rhea plays basketball and represented Chennai at the National Basketball tournament in 2015. She has served the National Cadet Corps and was the Parade Commander during the Independence Day celebration at the college in 2021. Rhea also has an interest in modern POP dancing and founded the LDC dance crew in Chennai. They won the “K- POP Dance” Contest organised by the Korean Consulate in 2018. Rhea is now a Student Member of our foundation and will enlighten us about “Student Life at Madras Medical College today”.