Madras Red Fort Doctors Foundation Not so long ago a few old graduates of Madras Medical College decided to establish a Foundation to support our College and its students. Madras Medical College is one of the oldest medical schools in India. The College that began as a private Medical Hall run by Dr Mortimar of the East India Company was regularised and opened as a medical school by the then British Governor, Sir Frederick Adam, in 1835. Since then many famous doctors have graduated from our College. Today many are working at prestigious institutions around the world. We are proud of them all. With the passing of years many of us felt that we should try and give back a little to our alma mater as a way of saying thank you to the great institution. We are in the process of creating a fund that can be used to undertake many of the objectives that have been set in the Articles of Association of the Foundation. Some of the objectives are: To encourage academic, social, and ethical values among the students, graduates, and postgraduates of Madras Medical College without any racial, religious, community or social prejudice. To advocate promotion of high quality medical and healthcare services among the graduates and postgraduates of Madras Medical College including promoting free and subsidized services without any motive to earn profit. To promote research in medicine, healthcare, and related fields. To carry on other health related charitable outreach activities for the benefit of society. To arrange for a student and post-graduate exchange programmes between our college and medical schools and hospitals outside the country. To achieve many of these objectives we will need a lot of funding. We have started raising funds through membership of the Foundation and through donations. Any graduate, postgraduate or student of the College can become a member. Membership fees vary depending on the category of membership. Today we have just over 50 members. A small amount contributed regularly by many graduates will all add up to something that will make a big difference In addition to helping our college, by becoming a member of the foundation, you will be able to network with other graduates spread around the world, exchange ideas, seek expert advice and be able to find the right specialist for patient referrals. We appeal to all graduates of our college to join us in supporting our college to raise its profile and making it the no one medical insttution in India. Dr. K. Badrinath Director Madras Red Fort Doctors Foundation For more informatiom on how you can support your college contact us at:
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